David, Devon and Liam: Year in Review


David, Liam, and Devon pose for a photo for a Year-In review.

Liam Bradford, David Tesch, Devon Howell, Sports Writer and Sports Editor

David Tesch, Sports Writer:

This first year was very rocky and difficult to get used to writing everyday and working on stories. From not knowing how to use a camera at all and barely able to get any information for a story. To take many amazing quality photos and highly read articles throughout the year. I had a blast coming into class everyday and started the day with creativity, being able to make what I want and write about stories that interested me. I’m glad this class was available this year, as it has been the highlight of my Junior year. The sports stories I was able to cover and the moments I captured through the lens were memorable. There were many best I believe I produced, yet these were some of my favorite pieces of work I posted throughout the 2020-2021 school year. 

Kiefer Family:https://lakelandhawkeye.com/1102/news/the-kiefer-family/ 

Boys Winning District: https://lakelandhawkeye.com/1313/sports/photo-story-lakeland-wins-district-title/ 

Smoke levels at Lakeland: https://lakelandhawkeye.com/608/news/sports-at-lakeland-cancelled-due-to-smoke-levels/ 


Devon Howell, Sports Writer:

 Like David said it was very rocky and difficult but we made it work. At the beginning of the year after the first couple of weeks we were all saying how we had no more stories to write but we continued to crank out stories week after week. Sometimes those stories were boring but we got them out and sometimes you’re going to write not so great stories. Honestly this was my favorite class this year and I had a great time in this class but sadly I have to do KTEC next year I will not be able to be in this class. I feel like my stories really improved this year from my first story to my last. I had a lot of good stories. Here are some of my favorites.

Can’t Hold Me Down: https://lakelandhawkeye.com/707/news/cant-hold-me-down/ 

Is This the End: https://lakelandhawkeye.com/1229/uncategorized/is-this-the-end/ 

Coming to an End: https://lakelandhawkeye.com/1279/sports/coming-to-an-end-2/ 


Liam Bradford, Sports Editor: I expected a difficult opening year in journalism but as aforementioned, this year went much better than any of us anticipated, and now, sitting at the end of the year, reflecting back, this was a much more successful year than I expected. Personally, I had brief experience writing which gave me an edge over my classmates, but I learned a lot this year and I am very glad I took this class. I made so many connections and relationships from this class alone and was hands down the most beneficial and enjoyable class for me this year. I am looking forward to being in this class for the rest of high school and pursuing a career in journalism. There were many ups and downs this year for me. With that being said, here are a few of my most impactful and memorable moments stories this year. 

Munyer Signs with Weber State:https://lakelandhawkeye.com/1125/sports/munyer-signs-with-weber-state/

Oh My Gosch!!: https://lakelandhawkeye.com/1543/sports/oh-my-gosch/

Athletes and Coach of the Year: