The Kiefer Family


David Tesch, News Writer

Everyone has a family and each family has its own legacy. The Kiefer family and the legacy they have left on Lakeland High School and the Rathdrum area for over a century is unlike any other. 

The family has schools and football fields named after them. Betty Kiefer Elementary School in Rathdrum was named after a Kiefer family member who was a longtime teacher.

Terry Kiefer, the father of Tim Kiefer, was a football coach for over 40 years. Terry Kiefer won back-to-back state championships in ‘88 and ‘89. 

Terry Kiefer is still involved in coaching football, being the assistant coach for Lakeland. Kiefer field, a field the junior high plays on, was named after Terry Kiefer. 

Tim Kiefer was born in Coeur d’Alene and lived in the small town of Harrison. His father taught at Harrison Kootenai High School. 

Tim Kiefer is Lakeland’s Varsity Football head coach and has had that position for 18 years now. He also teaches weight classes and coaches track. 

Tim Kiefer started his career road from his dad, even though his dad did not pressure him to get into sports. Yet, being a kid and spending time with his dad at practice made him gravitate towards football. 

Tim Kiefer played on Lakeland’s football team that won back-to-back state titles. After playing football in college, Tim Kiefer missed the game and started coaching football.

 In 2002 his father, Terry Kiefer, resigned as the head coach and left his son Tim Kiefer, to become the new head coach of the football team. 

Tim Kiefer has three kids, all of which have participated in varsity sports at Lakeland. 

When asked about his kids choosing their path in sports, Tim Kiefer stated that “I kinda handled it like my dad and tried to stay out of it, let the kids make their own decisions about what they did and how they did it.” 

Lila Kiefer, a freshman, and Addisen Kiefer, a junior, the youngest out of the three children, both started in sports by playing soccer when they were five years old. Since then, it’s been a rotation of many sports including volleyball, basketball, softball and track. 

“My wife and I definitely wanted athletics to be a part of our kid’s life. We both understand the life values that can come from athletics.” 

“I know Lila likes basketball more, but I’m good at both.” Addisen Kiefer said when asked about what sports they prefer. 

Lila and Addisen Kiefer, who both are 3 sport athletes, did what no one else has done. They were part of the Varsity Volleyball team who won state for the first time in Lakeland High School history. 

“That was special,” Kiefer said when asked about how he felt after his daughters won.

Harrison Kiefer, the oldest of three children, graduated from Lakeland High School last year. With no sports to play, Harrison spends time outside fishing and hunting. Harrison now attends NIC and plans on heading to the University of Idaho next year. 

This family’s success in sports and academics will always impact this school and Rathdrum itself.