Can’t Hold Me Down


Devon Howell, News Writer

September 4, 2020. It’s the fourth quarter. Lakeland Hawks up big against the Timberlake Tigers. Lights are shining, crowd roaring, and junior Colin Kelly steps onto the field.


Colin may not be exactly many students at Lakeland, but to the players on the Lakeland High School football team, he is just another student and player


Colin was born with Down Syndrome, but that does not define who he is. And he has not let this stop him from pursuing what he loves, such as football and wrestling. 


Colin spends most of the time on the sideline cheering on his team. But when Colin steps onto the field or the wrestling mat, his face lights up with excitement. Whether he wins or loses he has a smile from cheek to cheek.


When asked about how he likes being on the team he says “it’s awesome.” Colin also said, “I have been playing football since fifth grade.”


Coach Brian Etchison said, “The thing I love about Colin, and I believe his teammates feel the same, is how much energy he brings to the program. Colin always has a smile and a positive attitude. Colin just loves being a part of the team and being with his teammates and it creates a special experience for him and for the rest of us. We’re all very lucky to have him around.” 


Colin is an overall amazing kid, student, athlete and friend.