Photo Story: Lakeland Wins District Title

David Tesch, Sports Writer

Lakeland High School Varsity Bench erupts in excitement after and one call was made.
Lakeland High School Varsity Basketball Team surrounding Jalen Skalskiy, who is holding up Lakeland Waterboy Cam Ryan while hosting the 4A District Trophy.
Jalen Skalskiy celebrating with Carson Seay as he raises 4A District Trophy after winning in 2-1 playoff series against Moscow Bears at Lakeland High School.
Bryce Henry and Jalen Skalskiy hugging after the final whistle was blown in Lakelands 72-59 victory over the Moscow Bears.
Jalen Skalskiy and Bryce Henry running up to Noah Haaland after Haaland laid the ball up and got an and one.