Oh my Gosch!


Liam Bradford, Sports Writer

When it comes to famous sibling duos, many names may come to mind. These names consist of Eli and Peyton Manning, Serena and Venus Williams, the Jonas Brothers, and the Kardashian-Jenner sisters. 

In fact, Lakeland High School has its own well-known sibling duo, and that title belongs to Delaney and Hailey Gosch. The Gosch family has significantly impacted sports in North Idaho and, specifically, at Lakeland. 

Hailey is a varsity athlete who stars for Lakeland in softball and soccer. She has hit two home runs in the last two weeks and is a prominent Lakeland softball team leader. In her senior year, Hailey hopes to achieve a level of success in softball that she hasn’t had the opportunity to do yet, because of the season coming to a halt last season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

She is balancing a job, schoolwork, softball practices and games, and prepping to go to college. She has to maintain excellent time management skills. Still, she said, “I definitely prefer always to have something going on, so I never get bored, and I like always to be busy and have something to do because I like to be productive.”

Delaney is a top-tier sophomore athlete for volleyball and softball. She is one of the best hitters on the active roster for Lakeland, and after just a few games so far this season, she has proved to be an elite athlete and a significant contributor to the softball team. 

Delaney made varsity as a freshman last year and said, “This is basically my freshman year of softball because I didn’t get the opportunity to play last season except for the two games that were played. There were definitely a lot of nerves going into this year because I haven’t experienced much high school softball at all yet.” 

Delaney also has a twin brother named Darren, who is currently in the middle of baseball season. He claims that “Having two older sisters who start on varsity pushed me to play baseball this year, and after training with my uncle, Kirk, who spent time in the MLB, I’m excited to get back into baseball and representing the school.”

Both Gosch sisters say that their dad, Garrett, is the best softball coach they have had, and he pushed them to be the athletes they are today. When asked about the influence that her dad has had on her, Hailey said, “It definitely can get frustrating having so many people in my family that know so much about the game, but I realized that they just want what’s best for me and at the end of the day, I wouldn’t be where I am today without the coaching and support of my dad.” 

Delaney and Hailey both agreed that between their uncles and their parents, Garrett and Angela, they have always had access to training and coaching, and it has helped them to be dominant when it comes to sports. Both sisters will continue to succeed on the field and off the field and have certainly made their mark as athletes at Lakeland High School.