Tennis Season Recap

Devon Howell, Sports Writer

With the end of the year coming fast spring sports are coming to an end, and that includes tennis. 

Head Coach Tyler Jacobs said, “The team did fantastic this year. I was really, really impressed with how hard our team worked to improve, and we had results on the court. When our players hit the court, you could hear the tears falling from the cheeks of their opponents as they prepared for their impending doom.”

The team played a lot of tough teams this season and many of the players pulled through to bring home the dub. 

They also had many players who improved over the course of the season. When asked who he thought improved the most Coach Jacobs stated, “We had many players improve to become tennis deities this year. I was really impressed with Elle Brown this year – she is perhaps the hardest working person on our team. On the guy’s side? Bo Wilding is an absolute freak on the court. He kind of turns into a ravenous beast reveals his snarling fangs and has spikes pop out of his back like a mad stegosaurus then stomps on his opponents like the weak, frivolous beings they are.”

The team had many great players and even placed 4th at state, but when asked who had the best season Coach Jacobs said, “ Well, probably Malika Warnick, duh. Malika placed 3rd at State and went undefeated during the regular season. She finished with a record of 18-1. She’s also so flippin’ good, that she placed our ENTIRE TEAM in 4th place at state, earning one of those cool, Idaho-shaped tennis trophies that will sit in a cabinet for the next 100 years.”

The team had 10 seniors leaving this year Brady Manko, Quinn McGovern, Cameron Paquette, Nina Altsuler, Rachel Moen, Ricky Yaple, Jared Sherman, Calvin Schenkenberger, George Poteet and Billion Bucks Parker.

Sadly, head coach Tyler Jacobs is leaving to teach at Post Falls High School when the new school year starts up.

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