Winter Issues


Melia Blackwell and Riley Derbyshire

White, fluffy, crunchy, cold. When you hear these words what comes to your mind? If it’s not winter, you’re weird. 

Winter is a season when families get together to celebrate the holidays, spend time together, drink hot coco and layer their clothes to their heart’s content just to go outside and build that snowman.

Winter can be beautiful, the untouched snow and the holiday decorations. People enjoy this season because of the fun activities it has to offer such as sledding, ice-skating, snowball fights, and indoor activities like decorations, building a gingerbread house and opening presents.

Winter may be a comforting season but it comes with a downside. Due to COVID-19, the holidays will be a bit different resulting in activities being cancelled, stores closing etc. One thing people dread this season is the icy roads, the constant change in weather, and shoveling. 

I’ve noticed a few students who walk to school have their own opinions on this season. A few of them relate to ignorant drivers, especially teen drivers, the ability to walk on the sidewalks because they don’t get shoveled or plowed, and having to wait outside due to COVID precautions and not being able to warm up unless they want breakfast or need to speak to a teacher.

Have you ever found yourself slipping and falling on ice and hurting yourself? Well, you’re not the only one. Many other kids also have this problem while walking to school. Something we’ve experienced, first hand, would be trying to go across the street and rarely will you have a car that stops and lets you go.  

One thing we as a community can improve would be the respect and patience for others. Understand that everyone has places to be and you’re not the only one getting somewhere. Next time you find yourself thinking, “They can wait.” Correct yourself because you can wait too.