Drama Districts Results


Zoey Roman, News Writer

The Lakeland High School Drama department found themselves elated at the results of the District Drama Competition.  

Before Thanksgiving break, students from the LHS Drama department filmed and submitted various entries for the District Drama Competition. From performing musical pieces to showing an elaborate design of a dress they had designed and created themselves, or even a theatrical makeup design that they created and did on a willing participant. The students worked hard to showcase their best work, and it all paid off.

After weeks of memorizing lines, blocking and designing, it was announced on Monday December 5 that students in the Drama department placed third in the Drama District Competition, their first time placing since 2016.

The school was the second largest team and to be able to place in this competition means that many of the entries placed in the top three or were an alternative. 

LHS had three categories in which they placed. Sophomore Elizabeth Swan placed second in costume design, seniors Ashtyn Howerton and Lee Laupp placed second with their ensemble humorous piece and junior Savannah Spurgeon placed third in theatrical makeup.

The school had students who were alternatives in five other categories, which were pantomime, scenic design, solo humorous and solo musical theatre.

If anything were to happen to the people who won in the district competition, the alternates would be the ones brought up to take their place. They are the runner ups in the competition, not having to film again unless they were brought up to compete.

The students who placed are going to be able to film their submission again and send that piece off to the state competition where they will compete to place and be the top students in the state. 

Mrs. Knoll is very proud of everyone who competed and is excited to see how the pieces will do in the state competition.