Too Soon?


Maddy Davis, Opinion Writer

When it comes to the Christmas season, many people have different ways that they show their holiday spirit. Whether it’s decorating their house with blinding lights or enjoying a warm cup of hot chocolate while watching Hallmark Christmas movies.

But when do people actually start putting up the various decorations and the colorful lights? How much is too much? Do you outshine your neighbors with your giant Santa in the yard and blinding LED lights?

After interviewing 20 students and teachers, these are my results.

Three students said that they start decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving but six students and three teachers say that the day after Thanksgiving is the perfect day to decorate their houses for Christmas.

Five students and three teachers told me that decorating for Christmas is something they don’t start until December.

When asked about what people use to decorate for Christmas, varying responses were received.

Every person interviewed has said that they have a Christmas tree, but what else do the students of Lakeland High School use?

Four students and one teacher said a Christmas tree is the only Christmas decoration they use, but six students and three teachers told me that they decorate the inside of their house but not the outside. Signs, candy canes, tinsel, and garlands were among the most common decorations.

Two teachers and two students proudly said that they go all out for Christmas and decorate the inside and outside of their house. They decorate their yards with blowups, lights, and candy canes.

After working hard and decorating for the season of joy and cheer, how long after Christmas should the decorations stay up?

Looking at the answers I received for putting Christmas decorations away, the answers were very close to what I expected.

All twelve students and six teachers were in agreement. Christmas decorations were okay to have up on December first and that putting Christmas decorations away was to be done before the new year started.

My results were clear. December is the only month in which the Christmas season is allowed. Any month other than December is not included in the Christmas season.