Black Friday or Cyber Monday


Hutton Hegbloom, News Writer


People have been shopping on Black Friday since before the 1900s. People can not get enough of the discounts. 

Then in 2005, something called Cyber Monday was invented. With the rise of Amazon and other shopping websites on the internet, people have been using Cyber Monday more and more.

Though there will still be many people using Black Friday, COVID-19 will most likely make it so less people shop on Black Friday. Because of this, buyer’s on Cyber Monday might be at an all time high. 

Many students have been asked questions about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. They have been asked questions about which one they will be using and which one they think most people will use.

Student Jameson Elliot said he would be using Cyber Monday. When asked which day he thought people would use more, he had this to say.

 “Definitely Cyber Monday because people can sit in the comfort of their homes and not worry about going to a store”

Another student, Collin Cameron, said he was going to use both. When asked about which day he thought was going to be used more he said “Cyber Monday because COVID will scare people from Black Friday.”

Most students said that they were going to shop on Cyber Monday, and that they thought most people would. 

Although some students, like Natilie Richardson and Chase Burcham said otherwise. They thought that more people would attend Black Friday.