Racking Up Points


Liam Bradford and Devon Howell

At the start of every NFL season, people from around the nation put together their fantasy football team. This team consists of players from teams in the NFL. 

You can pick players from any team that you like and at any position your team needs most. You also compete with others that are in your league. Almost 60 million people participate in fantasy sports with 80 percent of them playing fantasy football.

Fantasy Football is a popular national pastime for NFL Football fans. 

There is a draft prior to the season similar to the NFL draft, where participants select NFL players to their fantasy roster to acquire points for them each week. Typically running backs and wide receivers are selected earliest in the draft. 

A standard fantasy football roster generally consists of a quarterback, two running backs, two wide receivers, a tight end, a kicker, and a defense. 

The season consists of 14 weeks in the regular season and two weeks of a playoff bracket determining the league champion. 

There are also weekly fantasy contests. 

The league’s commissioner gets to decide whether or not the league is free or pay to enter. In some fantasy leagues, you win prizes if your team does well. Some give out prizes based on your weekly score and others go based on your season score or even your win versus loss record.

Popular organizations and apps that are host to millions of fantasy leagues per year are ESPN, Yahoo, NFL fantasy football, and more. 

The drafts produced by these companies typically give a list of the best and most productive players that are expected to be selected early in the draft.

 In recent years, consistent top fantasy players are Christian McCaffrey, Julio Jones, Antonio Brown, Patrick Mahomes, Russel Wilson, Deandre Hopkins, Tyreek Hill, Davante Adams, Nick Chubb, Saquon Barkley, Ezekiel Elliot, and more.