We Need a New School

Riley Derbyshire, Staff Writer

With more and more people moving to Idaho from all over the place, the schools are getting cramped with how many students there are. It could be time  to expand or build a new school. 

The middle school is already extremely full and this year they have added 6th graders into the mix, and every year they are having to relocate kids. 

Why not build a new school? Well, building a new school would be very costly and take a lot of time to build.

So what’s the budget that we have set and what would be the cost for a brand-new school?

Now building a new school would be expensive. 

According to an article in the Coeur d’Alene Press by Brian Walker, “Lakeland Joint School District on Tuesday overwhelmingly turned down a $70.9 million bond measure that would have funded a new complex for Lakeland and Mountain View high schools on district-owned property on Lancaster Road and improvements to other schools”

940 people wanted this new school, but a total of 2,436 people voted against it, and the approval percentage was only 28%. 

The real question is, do we really need this new school? The answer is yes. 

A new school would be great for Rathdrum right now, especially since we are having people moving in and with the new neighborhoods being built, would be a good decision on the county’s part.

 Not to mention it would be safer then the schools falling apart due to old age and not being updated.

The materials that would have to go into this school would be a lot and the cost would take care of them but you would also have to think about the land they would have to buy for the school to be built on. Then the cost of the materials that would go into it would make the cost go down by a lot. But 70.9 million dollars would cover the cost of the land and the materials that would go into it.