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Idaho Schools Outsource Driver’s Ed Courses


Brelyn Ganske, News Writer

Lakeland School District stopped providing Drivers Education in 2010, due to the state not providing it for a lower cost to schools.

Ms. Sexton, the assistant Superintendent of Lakeland School District states “The state doesn’t fully fund drivers’ education.  The district lost money each year we ran the program, which takes money away from essential academic/extracurricular activities. So the School Board made the decision to discontinue the program.” 

Both Ms. Sexton and Principle Trent Derrick said some of their children had gone through some type Drivers Education but both of them believed that it was pretty expensive. 

Ms. Sexton says “Both of my daughters went through private driver’s education and it was expensive, but participating in the program brings down your insurance rates, which helps you recoup the cost over time.”

When asked if Ms. Sexton would like the school district to provide it again, she stated that the only way the school district could afford Drivers Education would be to charge as much as private companies.

 “I would love to see access to scholarships for students who cannot afford the cost of private drivers education,” says Sexton.

Trent Derrick says that he thinks it would be a great thing for students to be able to take it at school.