My First Few Days of School

My First Few Days of School

Maddy Davis , News Writer

My first few days here at Lakeland High School were good. Although most of my teachers were unaware that they were getting a new student, they adapted quickly. 

Each of my teachers filled me in on the material that we were learning, got me on Google Classroom if it was used and got me the materials I needed within my second day. 

The students in my classes were welcoming and kind, and when passing them in the hallways I got a smile and a hello. In class, they showed me what I was supposed to be doing when I wasn’t sure. 

Even though I wasn’t sure what to do at first, I was able to catch up due to the kindness of my classmates. My new classmates are much kinder than the ones from my old school.

Moving from one home to another and one school to the next was the easy part. Enrolling in school was the big road bump. 

Since I live in a new development, I couldn’t provide proof of residence to start school at the beginning of the year. That caused me to start online school through the Coeur D’ Alene school district. 

Learning was not easy through online school so I worried that I would be behind. That was not the case. 

I have either learned what my class is already learning and I am ahead by a small amount or I am around the same spot that my class is. Transitioning from online school to in person was a welcome change. 

On my first day of school, I was nervous which is normal. I didn’t know anybody and wasn’t sure what to expect or what classes I was taking. 

After getting my schedule halfway through first period due to a computer issue, I was given a tour. 

Finally, I was able to get to my first class, Journalism. I enjoy Journalism because Mr. Dunn, who is also my English teacher, is laid back and makes class easy. 

My teachers here at Lakeland; Mr. Dunn, Mr. Frank, Mr. Porth, Mrs. Hasz, and Mrs. Duncan’s substitute have been nothing but kind and understanding. 

In a few classes, I am not able to do very much, or anything at all due to the fact that I have come in around the end of a unit. 

Starting a new school at the end of the quarter was made easy because of the kindness of my classmates. 

Even if it is only my first week at Lakeland High School, I believe that I will enjoy going to school here.