Snow Days, Good or Bad?


Matthew Wirtz, Staff Writer

Snow days are what many kids hope for when waking up in the morning to snow. However, just because there is snow, doesn’t mean there is a snow day. Snow days are declared by school officials when weather conditions are too unsafe to go to school. 

The officials who call these snow days are the Transportation Department Supervisor and the Superintendent. 

When a snow day is called, the entire district has one, it’s not specific or individual schools that are closed. 

Whenever a snow day is called, students get the day off. 

Administrators however, don’t have the same luxury. According to Principal Trent Derrick, “unfortunately, administrators are still required to work in the building during snow days if they can get there.”

On snow days, students get to stay home from school for the day. Most students enjoy the break. According to a poll done by the Hawkeye Instagram page, 82% of students enjoy taking the day off.

Caysen Loutzenhiser, stated “Snow days are good for students to relieve stress and help their demeanor overall.”

Darwin Porth added, “I would definitely have to say they are a good idea and smart to have. Mainly because of the bus or car issues with the icy road.”

Even Mr. Derrick enjoys snow days. “I always remember as a kid being super excited when school was cancelled due to snow and blizzard conditions so a little bit of the kid still surfaces on these days and I get a little excited.”