Fun in the Food and Nutrition Class


Zoey Roman, News Writer

If students want to learn how to cook, how to bake, and all about foods, the class to look into is Food and Nutrition taught this year by Mrs. Nave. 

The class has so far learned about food safety and nutrition, kitchen basics and dietary guidelines. Many students have been able to earn their food handlers card during the first month of class after learning the basic safeties and taking the test.

The class has a normal classroom routine, with a lesson about certain foods or components of ingredients, then the class has food labs at the end of the week in the kitchen.

The students have so far made simple treats like rice krispy treats, cookies and cupcakes. They just recently had a cupcakes war where they baked and decorated cupcakes in their groups, then those were presented to some teachers who volunteered to be judges.

They also got the chance to make a quick and easy meal early on in the semester, using ground beef, taco seasoning, rice, beans and also a side of chips. It was a simple recipe that would come in handy especially for those going off on their own next year.

The students are able to use the kitchen tools and utilities like the ovens and Kitchenaid mixers. All supplies needed for any of the dishes made is provided for the students using the budget that the class was given each year.

The class is one that many students enjoy. The teacher, Mrs. Nave has so far enjoyed the class, and is having fun teaching Food and Nutrition to students her first year here at Lakeland High School.

Mrs. Nave looks forward to everything she has planned for her students, digging deeper into nutrition and expanding the students’ knowledge on it.

She hopes by the end of the semester the students will leave with an understanding of why good nutrition is important at their age. Also that they can find where they can make healthy changes to their diet now and in the future.