A New Release

Hayden Discount Cinemas raised prices for new release movies due to Regal Cinemas closing. The new release movies now cost eight dollars, and they have very few of the three dollar movies. The eight dollar movies cost only six dollars when it is day time. 

Regal cinemas decided to shut their theaters  because they depend on blockbuster movies and lately there have not been many movies being made. So Hayden Discount has to play the new release movies. 

There are nine $8 movies, and two $2 movies. 

They have also continued doing the drive in movie for ten dollars, a special that they started doing at the end of May beginning of June. Unfortunately, they do not have any this week.

The theater is unable to have maximum capacity due to the fact that they need people to social distance. 

When asked if they had been to a movie theater recently, many people stated that they haven’t been to a movie theater in about a year, maybe more. This is most likely due to the COVID cases that have been spreading since last spring.

Katelin Hansen says that she doesn’t care about Hayden Discount Theater raising their prices. 

Bethany Jensen states “Why would they raise their prices. I only went there because they were cheap.”