The Public’s Opinion on the Election


Matthew Wirtz, News Writer

Over the past several months, the 2020 Presidential Race has been among many discussions amongst the students and staff at Lakeland High School. However, recently the election has been coming to a close. 

Recent election results show the Democratic nominee, Joe Biden has won the race to 270 electoral votes. What are students thinking about this?

One student, Micheal Locke, stated, “the only reason why Biden won was because people think their personal feelings are more important than the country.” Locke also stated, “Joe Biden is not fit to run for office. He did nothing as a senator, how is this going to be any different?”

Another student, John Meredith, stated, “I hope Joe Biden does good for our country or that Donald Trump goes to the Supreme Court to get another term.”

Students that supported Donald Trump had various reasons for supporting him. Some said it was because he supports the 2nd Amendment and pro life, while others stated that they supported him because of his economic policies with China.

One student, Brady Hanna, stated he supports Joe Biden. “I support Biden because I feel like he is a good leader and will make a great impact on the country. I feel like Donald Trump just talked and didn’t do that much for this country.”

Students that support Biden have several reasons to do so. One of which was that Biden would help other cultures and immigrants instead of ignoring them. Also, they believe Biden will fix and improve the situation surrounding COVID-19.