Wake Up, Lakeland!


Zoey Roman, Editor-in-Chief

Besides coffee drinks, energy drinks seem to be a constant beverage choice for many students at Lakeland High School.  

With the multiple coffee stands around the school, along with Super 1 next door, students are able to access them without any trouble.

The most common energy drinks seen around the school are the Red Bull and Zipfizz drinks created by coffee stands. Then there’s Monster Energy and Bang Energy drinks that kids often buy at Super 1. 

For many students, it is almost an everyday event to go and buy a caffeinated drink at nearby coffee stands like Perks Coffee, Bean Barn, Jitters or even just Super 1.

Senior student Ashtyn Howerton visits the coffee stand called Perks Coffee multiple times a week, always getting a peach and passion fruit Red Bull with cream. 

Other students, like senior Jared Sherman, prefer to get their caffeine at Bean Barn right across from the school.  

Jared says he doesn’t go there often, perhaps a few times a month, but he usually switches between different orders every few times he goes. Currently, his favorite is a citrus zipfizz with strawberry, mango, and cantaloupe.

For many people, energy drinks can send them bouncing off the walls. For others, a 32 ounce red bull drink is barely enough to keep them awake throughout the school day. 

Caffeine affects everyone differently, especially if they are not used to it.

For students like Mackenzie Roman who have been drinking caffeinated drinks like coffee multiple times for a long time, their bodies have gotten used to the effects and they have no reaction.

Then there’s students who can’t handle caffeine all the time, or they don’t need it. Non-caffeinated drinks are also available at these coffee stands.

Student Reena Johnston doesn’t drink energy drinks or coffee all that often, instead going for a warming cup of hot chocolate in this current chilly weather. Yet when she does choose to get a caffeinated drink, she often goes for a type of zipfizz. 

Caffeinated drinks keep students going throughout the day, or they are something to sip on for a good flavor.

Personally, I prefer to get a type of Red Bull, yet I never know what kind. So I always get a surprise Red Bull from Perks Coffee, and I have experienced some interesting flavor combinations.

Even though caffeine has recently lost the awakening effect that it used to have for me, I still enjoy drinking it, along with the many students at Lakeland High School.