LJSD272 Trustee Speaks Out on Covid Decisions


Wyatt Aramburu and Zoe Roman

Panhandle Health recently decided to put the county in red, which caused the Lakeland Joint School District 272 Board of Trustees to call a meeting on October 28 regarding the position that the schools will stay in. 

During this meeting, the school board decided to stay in yellow based on a number of parents and students emailing and asking for the schools to be able to stay in yellow, along with the current COVID cases statistic.

When asked about the meeting, Trustee Ramona Grissom stated that when the county was moved to red, the state board of education changed their red recommendations. They realized that “it’s better for students to be face-to-face learning than virtual.” 

Grissom believes in the constitution and also the certain laws set in Idaho. She, along with the other members of the school board, try to make fair and just decisions that are best for everyone.

Trustee Grissom, and all the other members care about every student in the district and tries to make the best decisions possible for the school.

The school board focuses on more than just large policies about a pandemic. They also deal with student problems that may have gotten big enough for the district to deal with. 

They try to be fair and decide what would be the best for the student or students involved, and what would work for the school, according to Grissom.

The school board has regular meetings to discuss issues and problems. Then they have meetings that people are allowed to attend and bring up issues that they believe are important and need to be discussed.

Unfortunately due to recent events, the number of these meetings have decreased. Yet the people can still be heard if they send emails to the school district, like they did when the school board had to decide whether or not the schools stay in yellow.