The Head Hawk

Munyer Reflects on Football Recruiting Experiences


Brandon Clarkson, Sports Writer

When it comes to sports teams, a lot of people often think of one person when the team is mentioned: Russell Wilson on the Seattle Seahawks, Michael Jordan for the Chicago Bulls.

But for the Lakeland Hawks, people often think of Ammon Munyer.

Munyer has been a force to be reckoned with on the gridiron this year. He is 6’ 5” 225 lbs, which has college football recruiters across the nation salivating. 

I’ve been very blessed so far with so many great opportunities”

Due to his amazing athleticism, many colleges have offered him scholarships, including The Air Force Academy, Central Washington University, Charlotte University, Eastern Washington University, University of Idaho, University of Montana, Montana State University, and Northern Arizona University. 

The main position those colleges want him to play is tight end, the main position he currently plays. Another possible position is defensive end, which he also has a bit of experience with.                                    

Some of my greatest achievements would be earning my football scholarships, being a successful student-athlete at my high school, and setting a good example for my younger siblings,” stated Munyer.

When asked about his recruiting process Munyer said, “My recruiting process has been great! But COVID has made the recruitment process pretty tough.” Ammon said that because of COVID, the NCAA has enforced a dead period. “This means I cannot visit schools and coaches which has made it very hard to make a decision of where I want to play.”

Munyer has been playing sports since he was three years old. He is now on varsity for football, basketball, and track.

“He’s a good player, and a good kid too,” said LHS offensive coordinator Brian Etchison

Munyer and the Hawks will take on Century High School Friday night in the first round of the state playoffs.