Hawks to take on 3rd-seed Century High School in Pocatello

David Tesch, Sports Writer

The Lakeland Hawks football team(3-4) is traveling to state to go against the Century Diamondbacks (5-3).  

The Hawks are coming off a tough loss against the Sandpoint Bulldogs on Friday 23rd, with the final score of 6-0. 

The Diamondbacks are coming off a 28-14 win against Pocatello last Friday. 

The 2020 Idaho Football State Championship (IDHSAA) has the Lakeland hawks 14th on the playoff brackets and the Diamondbacks 3rd in the playoff brackets. 

The Diamondbacks are a talented team that averages 377 yards a game and averaged 30 points a game,  mainly getting their yards through the air. 

Lakeland comes into this game being the underdog, having to beat a top three team to advance farther in the playoffs. 

The game will be on Friday Oct 30 at 7 p.m. 

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