Are You Still Watching?


Melia Blackwell, Opinions Editor

Netflix is the home filled with amazing programming including tv shows, movies and amazing series for anyone to watch. 

Do you watch Netflix? Well, if not, you’re missing out. To watch anything you want as much as you want, whenever you want for a low price is a win win situation. 

Some students here at Lakeland Senior Highschool have been asked what they watch based on two categories: Movies and TV Shows. Sadly, Netflix has removed some shows and movies from their home and are no longer available. 

TV Shows seem to be more popular than movies.

One of the more popular TV Shows/Series has been Parks and Recreation, followed by The Office

Parks and Recreation is popular for its sense of humor and the scenes of which the show presents. It’s always in a different location and every new location brings in another actor/actress. 

Wyatt Aramburu says, “It’s not always in the same room, unlike The Office. It’s more based outside. When new actors entire the spotlight and it’s a character you’ve seen before it’s like Oh! Thank gosh they’re back.” 

The Office on the other hand is a modern comedy, has very teenager-like humor that really catches our attention and gives us something to relate to. I could argue these two shows are the most liked because they have very unexpected come-backs, and there is hardly ever an end to the show since it’s a series. 

Movies on the other hand aren’t as popular. Whether that’s because of the genre, having a predictable ending, or simply because shows are more intriguing. 

One of the more popular movies has been Water Boy starring Adam Sandler. Adam Sandler is not only a great actor but is a great comedian and adds humor into his movies making them more attractive to an adult audience. 

We’ve heard of the comedies, but what about the Horror genre? 

Well, those aren’t as popular as comedies because they have unexpected twists and turns, jump scares, or even the intense music that is played when the suspense is building. 

Both boys and girls at Lakeland Senior High School have been asked what genre they prefer. 

Based on the information collected, boys don’t watch Netflix as much as girls; boys are more about video games and sports. 

According to Savannah Lay, a sophomore, states she is more into “love stories” and “drama.” One of the movies she’s currently interested in is a drama called The Hate You Give directed by George Tillman Jr. 

The drama category seems to be more popular for girls because it has some suspense but it doesn’t build constant fear and the feeling of unawareness.