Meet Mr. Hatcher


Wyatt Aramburu, News Editor

You might know John Hatcher as just a school armed guard, but he is so much more. 

Not a lot of people know, but Hatcher is not just your everyday guard, behind him he holds a very interesting backstory. 

One of the reasons he went into law enforcement was because in high school, he was caught in between a drive-by shooting. Ever since then, law enforcement has always kept him under their wing. He always thought of them as family, so he felt like he needed to return the favor and be a part of law enforcement. 

Interestingly, Hatcher also has a license to legally build and sell guns. 

Hatcher also has a pilot’s license along with his own plane. He states that he had to go through training including trying to land the plane when the engine is dead. 

Him and his wife additionally own a mobile home park in Silver Valley, Idaho. 

Mr. Hatcher is also proudly married since 1995. He met his wife Jill, who is currently a nurse, in second grade and married her after he graduated high school. 

They have three kids. Baylee, who just graduated from high school last year. Blake, who attends the high school as a Junior and Liberty, who is attending the junior high in 8th grade.

 Hatcher says that he loves and cares about every single student in the high school and that’s the reason why he does this job. 

Hatcher should not be scary to visit with, he is very open and funny, so if you ever decide to take the time to sign his wall, make sure you chat with him as well.