The Dangers of Vaping


Emma Stutzke, News Writer

Vaping and drugs are deadly and unhealthy. 

Many teens these days think vaping is cool and trendy, but doing it can damage your lungs, brain and cause cancer. 

When asked about vaping and how dangerous it really is, Health Education Specialist Linda Harder from Panhandle Health sent several useful links that have important information about vaping.

Vapes don’t contain a lot of water; but they do have oils and flavorful chemicals that are unsafe to consume. 

Also, the vapes that are said to be nicotine-free, actually have tobacco and nicotine in them. They also have about fifty other chemicals in them, including Acetaldehyde, Benzene, Copper, and many more. The people that produce the vaping devices don’t tell you about these unsafe ingredients, as said in My Life My Quit.

Vaping can possibly cause lung disease and many other complications in which people have died from.

 A handful of research organizations, including National Jewish Health, are trying to figure out the exact thing that might be causing lung disease. 

To avoid getting lung disease, don’t use vaping products and don’t buy them off the street. These could possibly have substances in them that you aren’t aware of and they could be extremely dangerous, according to My Life My Quit)

Some teenagers choose to vape to try and get rid of their stress, but vaping actually causes it. 

According to My Life My Quit, “when you stop using nicotine, that “feel-good” dopamine stops flowing leaving you stressed and cranky. The more nicotine you put into your brain, the more hooked you become.”

There are also many consequences if you get caught vaping. If you are under 18 years old and you have any kind of smoking device, you could receive a fine of $17.50. 

If you are a minor and are selling drugs or using fake identification while trying to obtain any type of smoking device, you will receive a fine of about $200. You could also possibly end up in jail for up to 30 days. 

“Vaping greatly increases COVID-19 risks for teens and young adults,” says Harder. If you don’t want to catch COVID-19, then don’t vape. Also, if you want to stay healthy and get no fines, don’t vape.