A Man of Many Talents

Mr. Porth brings many unique experiences to Lakeland High School.


Matthew Wirtz and Hutton Hegbloom

Adam Porth is arguably Lakeland’s most interesting teacher.

He has been teaching for 25 years, currently teaching Biology and Physical Science. Although he teaches only two subjects right now, he has experience in a wide range of sciences.

Throughout his teaching career, he has taught physiology, microbiology, environmental science, ecology, biology and physical science. His favorite class to teach was AP Environmental Science. He has taught a wide range of topics.

Porth got his minor in math, and his undergraduate in botany and wildlife ecology at the University of Wisconsin. Porth then got his masters degree in environmental science at Idaho State University.

Porth’s 25 year long teaching career has brought him a wide range of experiences. He said his favorite of which is when, “I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s when I see a student figure it out.” 

On the contrary, his craziest experience was when one day he brought in deer lungs to show his class. The lungs were filled with air to show his class how far they stretched out. “One student decided to touch it and all the air from the lungs blew right into my face,” Porth said. 

Porth lived his early life in Detroit, Michigan. He lived his teenage years in Wisconsin. Before he came to teach at Lakeland, he used to teach at Detroit. He moved to Idaho during 1990.

When asked what they thought about him, student Matt Williams stated, “Mr. Porth is a cool teacher. He was my favorite teacher last year.”