There is One Imposter Among Us …


Devon Howell and Diego Aguilar

There are many different forms of wholesome student bonding, one of which is the online sensation Among Us.

Among Us is a team based game where you must work together to win.  This game encourages teamwork and friendship. It also encourages students to practice social distancing.

Because of how the game works, students are encouraged not to sit close to each other in fear of other students cheating. This encourages students maintain social distancing while in the classroom.

In this game you must figure out who the impostor is. If you are the impostor, your job is to take everybody out before they complete their tasks. 

There is two ways to win as a crewmate and beat the impostor. The first way to beat them is all the other players to complete their tasks. The second way is to vote the impostor out.

There is also two ways to win as the impostor. The first being you can sabotage different rooms and objects. The second way is to kill the other players before they complete their tasks or vote you out.

Among Us encourages teamwork where as traditional classroom games are simply just ways to pass the time.

This game is also quick and easy to play if you have a little time at the end of the class period and the teacher does not want you to pack your things and line up by the door. 

This game can also teach you to be honest and that your words can change how people feel about you and others. So, is Among Us helpful or just another distraction for students?

There has been questions if this is going to be the next big game that falls off. For example Fortnite, Pub G, Brawl Stars were all everyone wanted to play and now things have changed.

Will Among Us fall off, too?