Sleep Well After Covid


Melia Blackwell, News Writer

You can walk into any of the school hallways and hear students say how they wish school started later or how they don’t get much sleep at night. Excuses vary from sports, their phones, homework and simply because they don’t want to fall asleep.
A few students have told me on average they sleep for about 5-10 hours. Collin Cameron and Zack Roses say that recently, they only sleep about 5-9 hours due to basketball and the tryouts after school. Sports seem to be a big factor in students’ lives along with after school activities.
Unlike the students who play sports, the people who just stay up to listen to music are a big portion of the sleep deprived students. Brooke Cameron, a sophomore at Lakeland High School, states that she would stay up until about 12am just to listen to music or watch videos.
Though technology is a big factor of our lives now, I could argue it is definitely not healthy that people are staying up on their phones all night for hours on end.
COVID has really taken over the lives of students. With the virus taking effect towards the end of the 2020 school year, students’ sleeping schedules have been modified to their wants. This has resulted in them sleeping in, staying up, and pulling all nighters.
Brelyn Ganske, Riley Derbyshire, and Emma Stutzke say they go to bed at about 10pm due to how much homework they receive from each of their teachers. They argue that receiving homework from each individual teacher they have throughout the day messes with their schedule since each assignment could be due the next day or even that night.
Not only do students have issues with sleeping, the teachers and coaches along with everyday people have trouble sleeping. Reasons vary from grading, their kids, and work.