Mrs. Teel’s First Yearbook


Brelyn Ganske, News Writer

This year yearbook class only has seven students with only two having some experience. The yearbook teacher this year is Mrs. Teel, this being her first year teaching the class. 

She feels the class is going well. Saying that, “We’ve just this week started designing pages and stuff.”

The past few weeks the class has been learning about the materials, programming and writing for the yearbook. They are learning  the skills to plan and put pages together, which they have just recently started doing.

When asked about the theme of the yearbook for this year, Mrs. Teel stated “I’m not sure I want to share that. I think we want to keep it kind of a secret for a while.”

Danielle Bean, former yearbook teacher, has given as much information to help Mrs. Teel as best as she can; she has even provided her private contact information for her to ask any questions

Mrs. Teel plans to be done organizing the yearbook by the end of spring break.