Football and Futball


Matthew Wirtz, Staff Writer

Owen Forsman is an athlete with a schedule. 

He plays soccer, is the corner and the kicker for the Freshman C Team at Lakeland High School. Not to mention he attends Lakeland High School. 

With all this, Owen has quite the schedule.

Owen participates in the Freshman C team for Lakeland High School. He also plays club soccer. Forman has been playing soccer since he was five years old.

On the other hand, it is his first year playing football.

With Owen’s first year of football, his soccer skills also help him out. He said, “my many years of playing soccer has helped my footwork and most of all my kicking. Soccer has also brought some habits into football that I have had to break to kick correctly.

Owen fits his school work in between sports. He does receive help from friends and family, saying that “A big part of me managing school and sports is the support from peers, family, friends and teachers, but most of all my parents. Without my parents I couldn’t get to all of the practices and play both sports.”

Owen Forsman has been improving on kicking, even getting help from the place kicker at East Washington University, Seth Harrison. On top of Harrison helping him, he says the coaches support him and give him flexibility.

LHS special teams coach, Rick Anderson, stated, “He is an excellent kicker and he will be a force to reckon with in the future. Owen has spent extra time, on his own, to practice and get better.”

Owen is also planning on participating in track and field this spring.

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