Is State Still On?


Devon Howell, News Writer

Every year teams from all around Idaho faceoff to determine who the best team is in each classification. This year with the current situation of COVID-19, there have been questions about whether or not state will happen this year. As of right now state is still on and they will make adjustments to what happens with COVID.

There are five classifications of schools in Idaho. These classifications range from 1A to 5A. This ranks the school by how many students attend the school. 1A is a fairly small school and 5A are the bigger schools such as Coeur d’Alene High school.

Lakeland is in the 4A classification. Both Moscow and Sandpoint are also classified in the 4A section. These three schools fight throughout the season to see who gets a shot at the state title.

Every year coaches prepare for the season to come. Coming up with new plays and putting players where they think would be the best spot for them. Throughout the season coaches make weekly adjustments to the game plan in hopes to get to the state championship.

The Lakeland Hawks won a state title in 1989, and ever since they have put up a fight each year in hopes of bringing home another championship.

When asked how the Hawks would prepare for the challenge of bringing home that elusive title, Brian Etchison, the Offensive Coordinator for the Hawks said “the number one thing is we have to make it there first. From there, it is about who prepares the best and makes the most of their matchups”.