Social Distancing, Useful or Useless?


Wyatt Aramburu and Zach Roses

Since we’ve gone back to school, a social distancing rule was enforced. Is the new rule actually working?
We asked a few Lakeland High School students, Freshman and Sophomore, their opinions on social distancing and if they find it effective.

Freshman Jacob Levick says “coughing can travel more than 20 feet, so no it doesn’t work.”
Mike Hoscans states “I think it works, as long as you follow what the protocols are, social distancing will work.”
Sophomore Berg Zednick said, “no absolutely not, because no one cares.” Michael Laird says “no it doesn’t work, because no one takes it seriously.”
Addison Raebel states, “I dont think it’s working because no one is enforcing it.”

A small number of students actually think that social distancing is working. Most students just don’t care about the protocols, even though a small number of kids can catch COVID-19 or have family that can catch it.
In the end, we can’t make every student follow the social distancing rules. The authorities of the school are trying their best to maintain 6 feet between students and teachers.

For the most part the students we asked don’t believe it’s really effective, so the question is: is social distancing effective?

There will be more changes throughout the year at Lakeland, but right now students are asked to try and maintain the social distancing rule to the best of their ability, even if they “don’t care.