Mr. Neff is Teaching Again


Matthew Wirtz, Staff Writer

More things are changing this school year at Lakeland High School with Matt Neff back in the classroom teaching. This year, he is teaching American Government.

Principal Assistant Matt Neff hasn’t been teaching in the classroom for 23 years, but he is enjoying being back. Neff says he is adjusting just fine to the changes of being back.

He also said that he keeps himself prepared for any kind of adjustments, especially this year with so many changes due to the current pandemic.

When asked about how the current situation is affecting him, Mr. Neff stated, “just fine, billions of people on earth have it much tougher than we do!” 

Mr. Neff is ready for this school year even with the changes thrown at him. He is back in the classroom teaching his American Government class. It is unclear if he will be teaching next school year, but this year he is. 

Mr. Neff is adapting to the changes of going back to the classroom environment and is doing well in it. Not only is he Principal Assistant, Neff is now back to being a teacher.