Leadership Reacts to Homecoming Postponement


Zoe Roman and Brelyn Ganske

Just like this whole year, unknown problems have struck Lakeland High School. Last week, the homecoming parade, dance and football game were all canceled due to an unexpected outbreak of COVID-19. This cancellation has affected many students, yet the Student Council seems to be the most affected.

The student council are the ones who plan and make everything happen for school events. When asked a few questions regarding the postponement of homecoming events, Public Relations Officer Ellie Thomson responded accordingly. 

Student Council now has more time to prepare for the homecoming festivities. “With all the craziness and uncertainty that this year has yielded us, the Student Council is trying our best to be positive, flexible and adaptable. The rescheduling of events was last minute, but something had seen as a very real possibility approaching the week.” They are still preparing for all of the events and making sure everything will be perfect and working with everyone to make sure that everything is planned correctly. 

With the recent cases of coronavirus and their lasting effects on the school, the student council is making “a conscious effort to prepare for events in a way that assumes future changes.”  Thomson said they are preparing for the future pep assembly by having a backup virtual presentation, and not ordering decorations and supplies too far in advance.

Students should also be prepared for information regarding another spirit week, but everyone should be conscious of the PSAT that is scheduled on the Wednesday of that week. Thomson says that it is highly likely that there will not be a dress up day on that day in respect to the students taking the test.