Voices: Students React to COVID-19

Wyatt Aramburu and Hutton Hegbloom, News Editor, News Writer

COVID-19 has hit Lakeland High School. Since the recent coronavirus outbreak at the school, several students have been exposed to COVID-19, and others will have to get tested. We asked a few students their opinion on the outbreak and how it has affected LHS school. 


“It is affecting our football team majorly.”– Erik Briske 


 “I don’t really want to come to school anymore. I didn’t really want to come to school in the first place, but even more now.”– Jase Cooksey


“No one has it in my class, no one that I know has it, and not a lot of people have it in the school, so I guess it’s all good.”– Avery Scott-Fudge


“It’s stupid, and it’s not good.”– Jacob Varner