Pros and Cons of Off-Campus Lunch


Melia Blackwell

Lakeland Highschool has given grades 10-12 the opportunity to leave the school for off campus lunch Monday-Friday. They are encouraging students to go outside to minimize the crowded lunchroom due to the COVID-19 outbreak and case recently discovered.

One fast food restaurant I’ve noticed is extremely popular for students is McDonald’s. A reason being a famous rapper by the name of Travis Scott partnered with McDonald’s to make a burger and called it “The Travis Scott Burger”.

There are many conversations about this franchise. Other popular locations for off campus lunch include Super 1, San Francisco Sourdough, Bean Barn, and Dairy Queen.

I think these restaurants are popular because of how close and convenient they are to our school in the 30 minute time frame. Off campus lunch can be amazing for the students, and the teachers, but it has its downsides, for example, students are doing what they shouldn’t: vaping or going home. Going home is a very popular choice due to how close the homes are to the building.

Out of the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior classes, very few stay in the commons to eat the free lunch the school is giving out until around September. Why? Maybe they just prefer saving the money, or save the time and effort of walking around to a nearby location.

One thing that gets people’s attention is how many students don’t eat at lunch and how they gather around one of their friends’ cars and just listen to music.