Players Disappointed in Game Cancellations

Zach Roses and

With the homecoming game being cancelled, disappointment is spreading throughout the school faster than Covid-19. 

It was announced yesterday that Lakeland’s football games against Post Falls would be cancelled. Also cancelled was the homecoming dance, the parade, and Friday’s assembly.

Freshman football player Jace Cooksey said he believes the cancellation of the games are pointless. 

“If they’re going to cancel these games, then might as well cancel the whole season.” He says, he doesn’t believe the cancellation is necessary, and he believes they could have played through it. 

Junior varsity player Jameson Elliot and Tommy Pearson both agreed. They both mentioned how they were really looking forward to playing Post Falls, and they were very confident that they would win, knowing they don’t get to play.

All homecoming festivities have been rescheduled for the week of Oct. 16 against St. Maries High School.


Statement from Administration:

LHS Families, Students and Staff,

One thing I am learning during these times is that things can change from one day to the next.  Along that thought, information has been provided to our school and district due to recent COVID contact tracing procedures that has resulted in us making a decision to postpone and/or cancel the following homecoming events in compliance with Panhandle Health District recommendations and LJSD #272 School Board. 

Postponed Events:

  • Optional All School Assembly to Friday, October 16.

  • Homecoming Game and Festivities including crowning of 2020 Homecoming King and Queen, Annual Wrestling Tailgater, Cheer and Dance Performance at Halftime to Friday, October 16 vs. St. Maries.

  • Homecoming Parade to Friday, October 16.

  • Homecoming Dance to Saturday, October 17.  

Canceled Events:

  • Tonight’s Freshman and JV Football games with Post Falls High School

  • Tomorrow’s Varsity Football game with Post Falls

Other events scheduled for today will be conducted as scheduled.  We will continue to monitor any additional information.  Thanks for your understanding and support.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I will try my best to answer them. 

Mr. Derrick 

LHS Principal