Drum Band Formed at LHS


Matthew Wirtz, News Writer

More things are changing this year and one of those is the band performance at the homecoming football game. Things will be different with the Lakeland High School Drum Band being featured instead of the normal band.

This new drum band was created by Band Director Mark Sescilla. It features about 16 to 18 volunteer students. Some of these volunteer students don’t even play percussion in their normal band classes.

Members of this band use an assortment of percussion instruments. Ranging from cymbals and normal snare drums to old 55 gallon drums and trash cans. They have gotten creative with their instruments.

What can we expect from them? They will be doing songs in between plays and will also perform while homecoming royalty occurs. Most of these songs will be the school pep songs.

“The band is excited to do this and so am I,” Secilla commented on the topic, “I think it is going to be fun.”

The band plans to play during the homecoming parade in Rathdrum also. They plan to be on a trailer playing music as they pass by people.

The band director even said he plans to do more of these at upcoming football games. They even did it at the varsity football game at Lewiston the previous week.

The drum band has been practicing since the beginning of school, so make sure you attend the varsity football games to experience this new part of the Lakeland Band, especially at the homecoming game.