Technology Use Increasing Within LHS


Brelyn Ganske, News Writer

The use of technology has been increasing in the Lakeland Joint School District 272 in the past several years. The teachers and administrators are doing this in order to help students realize that this is the life people are living now.

Bethany Jensen, a student at Lakeland High School, thought that the school has become more technologically advanced. She stated “yes, I do feel like the school has become more techy.”

The technology use has helped students turn in their assignments and improve in classes because they like using technology. Bethany Jensen also states, “I don’t think it helps my grades, but I do get things done faster and my hands dont hurt from attempting to speed write notes.”

Tyler Jacobs, teacher at LHS, states, “we need to continue using the technology. We also need to add more and more and actually we are going to be a one-to-one device school here in just a couple of weeks.” 

Michelle Stanford the Technology Integration Coordinator states that “we will always be a Chromebook, Chrome Os and G suite school district so that means student devices will continue to be chromebooks. So when the chromebooks get old in a couple of years, it’s because the lifespan of a chrome book is only like four to five years. So when the first batch gets old we will replace them with newer versions of chromebooks.”

One last thing Mr. Jacobs stated is, “plug in your chromebooks. I’m tired of chromebooks not getting plugged in.” 

In elementary school students had computer rooms but they were the old monitors and keyboards that had probably been there for a long time. It improved in middle school when the school got some chrome carts to be rented out by the teachers, some teachers even had their own. The school still had a couple of computer rooms. Now, in high school, almost all teachers have their own chrome carts.