Free Lunch at LHS


Brandon Jaszewski

Students stand in line for lunch in the Lakeland High School Commons

Brandon Jaszewski, News Writer

Families are having a hard time with Covid-19, and the United States Department of Agriculture wants to provide free meals and keep the kids safe. 

All students who choose to eat breakfast and lunch get it free of charge at Lakeland High School. There is a curbside pickup for online learners and all who are 18 and under from 12:45 to 1:00 P.M.

The USDA is funding this program until Dec. 31.

Idaho unemployment rates have gone down since April but are still higher than the previous years at 5 percent. A lot of the students are not eating in the commons cause of COVID-19 and are now eating outside more often.

Connie Glass, food service assistant at LHS, stated  “Less people have been getting lunch but more are coming in every day.” 

LHS administration said students need to divide themselves more in between the commons entry for students who are getting lunch and students who are going to class to keep it from crowding. Jimmy Hoffman, vice principal at LHS, brought it up to lunch staff that students were not socially distancing and were taking too long.