“Keep Rolling Along”

COVID-19, air quality creates obstacles with sports schedules


Brandon Clarkson, Sports Writer

Scheduling falls sports at Lakeland High School this year have been chaotic, if you ask LHS administrators.

LHS is trying to keep its sports going while also trying to keep our players and students safe. But the recent smoke conditions and COVID-19 concerns have made it challenging to schedule upcoming sports.

Mike Divilbiss, Lakeland’s activities director, has been working extremely hard to keep its sports going. 

Due to COVID-19, Washington schools have not been open. This takes scheduling sports to new difficulties because LHS are usually supposed to play several Washington schools at least twice. 

 “The schools in Boise and Idaho Falls and Pocatello don’t really like to come up here and play so we ended up having to go down there and spend the money to go down there to play,” said Divilbiss.

Moscow has also been bouncing back and forth with sports. At first Lakeland was not scheduled to play Moscow when it canceled its fall sports season. They reversed that decision later.

“Everybody has to be respectful of wherever you’re going to play and what their protocols are. But everybody’s been working together really well,” Divilbiss stated.

“It’s going to be really interesting to see what happens with winter sports, but as far as fall sports go, it sounds like there’s still going to be state tournaments,” he continued. “And we’re going to keep rolling along.”


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