Mask or Make-up?

Homecoming Week 2020 Will See Changes


Zoe Roman

Poster describing the dress-up days

Zoe Roman, Editor-in-Chief

Homecoming week is here. Students are getting dates, seniors are voting for king and queen, yet there will be a few changes to the usual homecoming. 

The principal has agreed to give the students their homecoming, yet everyone is required to bring masks. Many ideas and solutions had been thrown around between teachers and the student council, who had been working hard to get this yearly dance that many students look forward to. 

The theme for this year is masquerade; a theme that gives a bit of humor in this year full of serious events. People will be required to bring a mask to get in, and the dress code has been changed to be more casual, seeing as the dance will be held outside on the football field. The weather is also predicted to start cooling down more towards the end of that week.

In the days leading up to the dance, there will be spirit days, which students can find information about from,, Hello Hawks or the posters in the halls. Students are encouraged to participate.

One concern regarding homecoming is attendance. With the effects of COVID still lingering and some cases still popping up, some people may be concerned about having a large crowd of high school kids grouping up, even with precautions set in place. Rest assured, that masks will be worn, and the event is going to be held outside, which is better conditions to prevent COVID than having the event inside. 

The food drive is also being held homecoming week. As another way for students to gain points, students can bring in donations to the teacher that is assigned to their grade.

Another new event for homecoming this year is the parade before the homecoming football game against Post Falls. During the week, teams and clubs will be decorating floats that will go around Rathdrum for people to see when they go around Main Street on Friday at 4 p.m. The parade is a new and fun activity that will involve the community and allow the students who participate to show off their creative talents.