Hadley’s Last High School Thoughts




None of the above.

I do not want to be in this place any longer. Lakeland High School is cool and has taught me many things, but I am ready to move on. 

The only good thing in my school days lately is the daily Wordle and Contexto. 

It probably is senioritis, but whatever it is has made me rage. Moving onto adult life looks very appealing at this point in the year. 

For the super cool students that have waived two finals (me), the end of the year seems never-ending. There is nothing to do but stare at walls and play games. 

I start off waking up a bit angrily, go to school, and the traffic makes me have road rage, then I get to class, and it feels pointless.

At the same time, though, I am sad to leave because after all these years of school, every year and every day, I am about to walk across a stage.

Honestly, knowing how to feel can be a hard thing to decide. Half of it is that I just do not want to learn anymore, but the other half does not want to leave the scene of high school.

Sometimes on the drive home from school, a song that emulates my high school experience comes on, and it makes me feel envious of the students that have years to come. 

Who am I outside of high school? When I graduate, who knows whether or not I will be a completely different person? I may have already peaked, and it is all downhill from here. 

After I walk across the stage, I may never see any of these people again; obviously, the ones I consider my friends, I will, but I may not with others. What happens to the hours and hours of conversations with the kid in front of me in English class or endless jokes with my science peers? 

Ten years from now, at the high school reunion, it may be the first time I see some people since our last night together. The senior all-nighter and the summer to come will be filled with the last laughs of my youth. 

Adulthood will soon hit me like a bus, and I must move on from high school to college. 

Each word adds up to 400 words in this story, and after each time I push the space button, I get that much closer to finishing the last article I will post as a high school student in the student newspaper. 

And that is 400.