A Transition for the Ages


For many, their first year of high school comes as a culture shock. Before entering high school, freshmen were the top dogs of the middle school during eighth grade. 

Most quickly realize that their role has suddenly changed, and they now face the challenges of high school. As year one comes to a close, the class of 2026 now knows what to expect before they enter year two. But do they really? 

Sophomore year came as a shock to various students. LHS sophomore Derek Harger admits that he has struggled heavily this year and has had lots of homework. He believes everything is faster-paced, whereas freshman year was mostly about becoming familiar with the school. Carter Vanek, on the other hand, feels this year has been unchallenging and much easier. 

“My classes have been relatively easy besides math; geometry is harder than I expected. I also have privileges like being able to go off campus, and I am more respected by upperclassmen,” said Vanek. 

Compared to freshman year, sophomores have more expectations. Some believe the time to have fun is over. Many have struggled with grades that they did not have to worry about previously, as their classes have become significantly harder. Teaching styles change dramatically, and deadlines are shortened. Getting started on assignments as soon as they are handed to you is now mandatory. Stressful decisions regarding life after high school and where one may attend college have suddenly become a part of the equation.

Numerous sophomores have constantly been told by seniors this year to look at colleges in advance and to put their cumulative GPA into consideration. 

“I have really learned to be professional and take things more seriously,” said Harger. 

In another way, athletes are now known in their sports and have had a chance to prove themselves. This leads to them feeling more comfortable heading into tenth grade. This being said, some feel that sports got increasingly harder and more is now expected of them. 

“This year was different because instead of bouncing around between JV and varsity, I am strictly on varsity. I now have a bigger role on the team,” said Vanek. 

Growing up happens suddenly, and although most were not prepared for such a sudden change, they all have successfully made it to the end of their sophomore year at LHS.