One Nerd, Two Nerd, Weird Nerd, Cool Nerd


Whether you address us as dweebs or geeks, we prefer the term nerd. At least I do.

I have written a plethora of articles covering various topics. But one theme I try to stick to as a writer is “nerdiness.” What do I mean by nerdiness? I mean superheroes, wizards, dinosaurs and everything in between. Nearly everything you can geek out about is what I try to cover. 

One thing I want to do more of is to inform people that you can be a nerd, and it is okay. People nowadays are so worried about their image that it becomes sad. Sure, you need to keep a certain composure around people, whether that be serious or focused, but sharing interests is a core part of being human. We are social creatures, and we deserve and are entitled to have and share experiences. It is a good idea to adapt and learn other people’s little quirks to make one a more well-rounded person.

That is why I try to listen to both sides of the story, so I can be more informed about what they are fond of. I take away things from other people’s opinions and continue to build my own.

I feel this level of communication has been disregarded in recent years. 

Even if you are a jock, you can be a nerd. For example, an athlete’s statistics, such as what their batting average is or how many sacks they have, all come down to numbers. 

“I think nerds personally are pretty cool. I think the greatest example of it is we kind of took over modern culture. For a while, it was considered uncool to be a nerd. It was used as a detrimental thing. Nowadays, just about everyone does one of the most common nerd things. They go out and watch superhero movies. Interestingly, superheroes are one of the most common archetypes in modern movies,” LHS junior Ethan Scott preached. 

“It is a very wide description, but honestly, I do not understand why not to like someone if they just enjoy one thing very much. There are some weird ones, but every place has its weird people,” LHS junior Thomas Tesch added.

Some people who are nerds accept this fact. Some are weird, and honestly, some make me uncomfortable. However, nerds are some of the most real people ever. They express themselves through the medium that they see fit.

I encourage nerdiness, and I promote it. Find something to obsess about, and focus on it. Finding something that you can just immerse yourself in is an amazing way to pass the time and make a lot of fond memories.