Class of 2027


One leaves and another comes in. 

Watch out; the class of 2027 will be entering the doors of Lakeland High School and starting a new chapter in their lives. 

Nerves and excitement are high in the months leading up to their grand entrance. They are trying to decide what sports to play or clubs to join; it all can make or break their high school experience.

The time they will have at the high school will change them and develop them into functioning adults. 

On the morning of May 25, the incoming freshman got a tour of the school and what it had to offer. Clubs and sports came out to convince them to join, and teachers stopped by to see what they had coming. 

Each and every one of them seemed very thrilled to be walking the halls of LHS. 

Rafe Adams is excited about the games and clubs he will be joining his freshman year. He plans to join the football and baseball teams and plans to take the business and games classes offered. He is not nervous for his freshman year. He just wants it to be summer already.

Some want to be at the high school for the sports, but others just want to have a change in environment. 

Madalyn Bartinioli is excited for this very reason; she wants to just meet new people and get the high school experience. She will be FFA and volleyball her freshman year. 

“My class is full of funny kids that always keep us laughing,” Bartinioli said. 

Middle school can be hard for many kids, but entering high school may allow them to flourish. 

Oftentimes students have a difficult time deciding what classes have to offer. Most of the time, they end up just saying, ‘‘We do sports.’

Cherokee Gorton, a teacher at the middle school, believes the class has a lot to offer LHS. They are full of athleticism, knowledge, and enthusiasm. 

“This class seems to have a fondness of each other;  they tend to group together very nicely and always help each other out,” Gorton said.

Having a tight-knit class can help them make a difference and affect the high school, either good or bad. 

Tammy Henderson, a teacher at the middle school, sees spirit and drive in her students. They excel in positive behavior and are supportive of each other.  

“They are full of nervous excitement,” Henderson said. 

Teachers see what their students cannot. Things may change as this class makes its way to the high school. 

Only time will tell what the class of 2027 has to offer LHS.