Medal for Munyer


Sophomore Ziya Munyer, a track athlete at Lakeland High School, was the only Lakeland student to be crowned as state champion. Munyer took first place in the triple jump with a leap of 37 feet and 3.75 inches in Boise, ID, to become the best in the state for Idaho 4A schools. 

As a freshman, Munyer already accomplished a state appearance, where she took third place in the triple jump. 

Although she only took part in the triple jump at the state tournament, Munyer additionally engages in hurdles and the 4×400-meter relay throughout the season.

Munyer enjoys competing in the triple jump due to the technical aspect that comes with it. She can constantly see growth throughout the season; once you get it down, it is a ton of fun.  

To Munyer, placing first illustrates all the hard work that she has put in and all the great coaching she has received. Ziya’s dad, Mr. Munyer, is her track coach and a teacher at Lakeland.

“It means a lot that I won when he was my coach. That does not happen often,” said Munyer. 

Munyer sees having her dad as her coach as the best part of track. The close relationship the two already share is even more vital when track season comes around.  

“Every state champion means a lot to me. But coaching my own daughter means a little more because I have known her for her whole life. I am very proud of her accomplishment,” said Mr. Munyer. 

He mentioned that he has loved to watch Ziya grow and progress this past season, and it was even more special to him since she is his daughter. 

The work Munyer put in while in the weight room allowed her to get stronger and faster. She continuously worked on her runway and got help from her coach with her phases to set a new personal record every track meet. 

Mr. Munyer knows Ziya will continue to be successful in track and field and as long as she continues to work hard in other sports, the weight room, and take care of important things off the field.

“Ziya has three brothers that keep her grounded, and that has worked out well for her in her athletics. I love her very much and she is my favorite daughter,” said Mr. Munyer. 

Ziya herself does not expect to see a future in track after high school since she wants to pursue collegiate volleyball. But if that does not work out, she will surely pursue track.