Preview: Hawks Football to Battle Unique Offense, Air Quality


Liam Bradford, Sports Editor

This Friday, the Lewiston Bengals (2-1) will be facing off against the Lakeland Hawks (1-2). 

The Hawks will attempt to bounce back after a rough 48-7 loss to Coeur d’Alene in last week’s game. 

Coach Brian Etchison made it clear that the Hawks are a resilient group, and they are a process-based team, not a results-based team. 

A big concern entering this week’s game is the recent air quality issues spreading across a large part of the west coast. The majority of practices this week at Lakeland have been canceled due to this issue and it might leave both teams slightly under prepared for Friday’s game. 

However, the Hawks have been practicing for months, and regardless of the increasingly worse air quality, they will be ready for Friday’s match up with no excuses. 

With that being said, Lakeland’s defense will have to be prepared for the unique two-back set that Lewiston uses as a signature piece of their offense. 

Coach Tim Kiefer has emphasized to the defense that they need to be patient and pay attention to where the ball is and not get lost in the swarm of confusion that Lewiston creates when running this style of offense. 

As long as the Hawks defense stays in position and can consistently defend the run game, they will be able to contain the Bengal’s offense. 

Coach Etchison expects the Lakeland linebackers to be the key defensively and will be the key to stopping the run game. 

A huge part of the Hawk’s success offensively relies on the offensive line creating holes for the running backs and protecting the quarterback in the passing game. The offensive line blocking successfully will be the difference between a win and a loss in this game. 

The game is planned to start at 7 p.m., Friday, and will be held at the Kibbie Dome at the University of Idaho in Moscow. 

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