Lakeland High School Students Adapt to Locker Change


Matthew Wirtz

Empty lockers at Lakeland High School

Hutton Hegbloom and Matthew Wirtz, Staff Writers

Lockers are one of the things that  were eliminated  with the Coronavirus outbreak. This has affected students in more ways than one and people have different opinions about this issue.

Principal Trent Derrick said, “The reasons why we are not issuing lockers this year is to reduce the amount of surfaces that are being touched by students and therefore having to be sanitized on a day to day basis.” 

He also stated, “ It is also a place where students tend to congregate in close quarters and not issuing lockers eliminate one more space where it is impossible to maintain social distancing.”

Mr. Derrick later said that if students have issues with where to store their belongings they could talk to him.

How is this affecting student life though? 

Some students at Lakeland High School opinions differ from Mr. Derrick’s. 

Student Chase Burcham said on the topic, “It doesn’t matter, because I never used it last year.” However, there are mixed opinions on this issue. 

On the contrary to Burcham, Student Jameson Elliot stated, “I’m annoyed because I don’t have anywhere to put my books.”

Student Cole Andres said, “I’ve got a lot more books in my backpack than I did last year.”

Some students believe it doesn’t stop the spread of Coronavirus in our school. 

Lockers going away at this time appear to be a year long change. It’s unknown whether or not they come back in the second semester.

Some students have strong opinions on the loss of lockers this year. For others, it doesn’t bother them, but for others it’s a change, in which they’ll have to carry their items in their backpack.