Born and Raised

A Q&A with Laynee Reynolds


Laynee Reynolds is a junior at Lakeland High School. She has been in the district since third grade. She has lived in Idaho her entire life and in that time, she picked up her hobbies including swimming and doing anything outdoors. 


Q: How do you feel about senior year approaching? 

A: “I am so nervous but definitely excited; ready to be done, but I will miss the school events. Senior year-wise, I am excited for Battle for the Paddle. I hope we win this coming year. I am excited for senior swim season and to see where that goes. Along with football season, I cannot wait for it.” 


Q: Do you plan on going to college? What for? 

A: “I want to go into psychology, but I am not sure what college yet.” 


Q: What is your dream job? 

A: “I want to be a criminal psychologist. I get to study a criminal’s mind and get to learn why they do what they do, instead of being ‘normal.’ I think it is really interesting and it will be cool to see how their minds work.” 


Q: What should the color maroon taste like? 

A: “It should taste like the red velvet cake because they are both kind of rich, one in taste and the other in color.” 


Q: What is your dance when nobody is watching song? 

A: “I have a lot of songs and no specific ones come to mind.” 


Q: What are some of your hobbies? 

A: “I love hiking, swimming, and really doing anything outdoors. I make jewelry a lot on my free time and I love watching and playing sports. Occasionally I do read when the book is interesting.” 


Q: If you had to change your name, what would you change it to? 

A: “If I had to change my name it would probably be my middle name, Claire. It’s a family name and it would be cool to have it as a first name.” 


Q: Do you play any sports? If so what sports? 

A: “I swim; it has made me become more social and brought me out of my shell. I like how it builds teamwork and again it brings you out of your shell a little more. I have done it competitively since freshman year and I have swam since I was able to.”